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Massage Oil Blends

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  • Cellulite Massage Oil
    £1.50 Cellulite Massage Oil
    Use this blend in conjuction with diet change and body brushing for best results, massage problem areas after bath or shower...
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  • For Combination Skin
    £10.50 For Combination Skin
    Helps to balance sebum (the body's natural skin oil) containing essential oils Lavender, Geranium & Neroli in Apricot...
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  • For Dry Skin
    £3.95 For Dry Skin
    A rich moisturising oil, containing essential oils Palmarosa, Rose absolute, Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile &...
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  • For Mature Skin
    £6.95 For Mature Skin
    A luxurious blend designed to help with mature & very dry skin.Contains essential oils Rose absolute, Neroli, Palmarosa,...
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  • For Oily Skin
    £2.80 For Oily Skin
    Contains essential oils Cypress, Grapefruit, Geranium & coriander seed in Hazelnut, Jojoba & Watermelon seed oils...
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  • Hair & Scalp Oil
    £1.50 Hair & Scalp Oil
    Massage a small amount of this oil in the scalp regularly and if possible leave in over night Contains essential oils Bay,...
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  • Labour Massage Oil for Pregnancy
    £2.25 Labour Massage Oil for Pregnancy
    To help relieve tension & anxiety during labour. Contains essential oils Clary sage, Lavender & Jasmine in grapeseed...
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  • LMJ Massage Oil
    £1.95 LMJ Massage Oil
    For muscular & joint aches & pains.Contains essential oils Lavender, Sweet Marjoram & Juniper in Sweet Almond...
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  • Menopause Massage Oil
    £2.25 Menopause Massage Oil
    Massage this oil on lower abdomen & back. Contains essential oils Geranium, Fennel, Rose absolute, in Rosehip &...
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  • Nail Oil
    £3.95 Nail Oil
    To help strengthen & nourish the nails, contains essential oils Lime, Ginger, Carrot seed & Organicanic Lemon in...
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  • Period Pains Massage Oil
    £1.75 Period Pains Massage Oil
    A very effective blend for reducing period pain especially if applied before or at the onset of the period, this blend does...
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  • Skin Soothe Oil
    £3.50 Skin Soothe Oil
    May be helpful for dry, itchy, scaly skin problems. Contains essential oils Cedarwood, Carrot seed,Blue Chamomile &...
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  • Sports Massage Oil
    £1.50 Sports Massage Oil
    A warming blend excellent for massaging in muscles before & after exercise.Contains essential oils GingerPimento berry,...
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  • Stretch Mark Massage Oil
    £1.75 Stretch Mark Massage Oil
    This is a low dilution blend for use after the first trimester of pregnancy, also a great blend for relaxation. Contains...
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  • Synergy blends - Aphrodisiac
    £15.00 Synergy blends - Aphrodisiac
    Luxury blend for those intimate moments contains essential oils Rose abs, Jasmin abs, Patchouli, Cardamom & Pimento...
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  • Synergy blends - Calming
    £1.50 Synergy blends - Calming
    To relax without sedating contains essential oils Lemon, Vetiver, Ylang ylang & Mandarin. (suitable for burners or...
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